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Anne Alexander

Business Coach & Consultant for Companies with Integrity

Anne has worked for over 25 years as owner or employee in small businesses. She’s done everything from inside and outside sales, marketing, accounting and project management to shipping, customer service, production and inventory. She was the co-chief cook & bottle washer of a small manufacturing business and has experience in construction, commercial real estate, food manufacturing, engineering and business brokerage.

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In 2002 she started her small business coaching company and continues to work with owners throughout the U.S. and Europe as their confidential, strategic partner to help them grow and manage their businesses.

Anne is passionate about small business and how it can positively impact not only the owner, but also its employees, customers and community.

small business coach, Anne Alexander

Anne Alexander, business coach

Anne advises clients in all areas of their businesses and especially loves sales and marketing and helping small businesses uncover the “diamonds in their backyard” so they can truly thrive, using proven strategies and the power of leverage.

In 2000 Anne received the International Business Broker’s designation of Certified Business Intermediary. As a business broker, Anne looked under the hoods of many businesses and gained additional insight into what makes a successful business.

In 2007 Anne became licensed with an international business consultancy with over 600 consultants worldwide, which provided additional and ongoing training as well as access on behalf of her clients to some of the best business minds on the planet.

With her small business consulting services, Anne provides authentic (real) alternatives (choices) to business owners and executives so they can stop spinning their wheels and move forward with substantial, profitable business growth, personal satisfaction and bottom line control.

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On a personal note, Anne was raised in New England, and has lived in Switzerland, the Midwest, the Southeast, as well as Colorado. She got her entrepreneurial “gene” from her grandfather, Thomas J. C. Martyn, who was the founder of Newsweek. Anne is an avid hiker in the Smokies, the Rockies and beyond, a lover of all kinds of art (painting, sculpture, music), an alternative healing fan, and constant reader. She loves working as a small business coach and helping her clients, and in her non-work time she dabbles at playing blues guitar, spending time in the woods and enjoying time with her family, two dogs and two cats.

Call Anne today at 828.348.0474 for a no charge, no pressure, down-to-earth conversation about your business or career or book your free 30-minute session here.


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