gift box of shortbread

[Updated Oct. 13, 2021] Gift boxes provide a wonderful surprise to the recipient. Take this one, for example. My fabulous client, Well-Bred Bakery, send me a gift box of their amazing shortbreads. I had no idea they were sending it. What a lovely – and delicious! – surprise! Four flavors. Ingredients like butter, sugar, flour, lemon zest, salt and vanilla. You cannot go wrong!!

Is there a way you can gift one of your customers with a gift box from your business products or services? If that’s difficult, get a high quality gift box from companies like Well-Bred.  The expense is small compared to the the goodwill you foster. December holidays are an obvious time, but other times year round can work well, too, such as business anniversaries, birthdays, milestones reached. Unexpected gifts can have even more of an impact.

P.S. I’ve had gift boxes from both Harry & David and Well-Bred Bakery and I can honestly say there is no comparison. That’s why I have been a fan and loyal customer of Well-Bred since it opened in 2002, long before the owner became a client of mine. It’s been wonderful to see them expand to four locations and have earned their title of Best Bakery in WNC (western North Carolina).



gift box ready to open
happy customer

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