When I was in college studying political science and related fields, I read constantly about current events, especially about what was wrong with the world. I was current in everything. Too current! No surprise, I burnt out and after graduation, I stopped following the news for a few years.

Thankfully, I eventually got back into the habit. But since then, I’ve been very careful to regulate my news input at a level that supports my well being, while still letting me be an informed citizen.

The fact is, we need a lot less news than we may think we do, and definitely a lot less than is available.

If your newspaper is like mine, it loves to plaster stuff every day about how bad things are with the economy.

Yet, in scanning the business page today, I noticed some GOOD news. Note the following items:

One of our local breweries is moving forward with a major expansion.

Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s largest maker of wind turbines is expanding its Portland Oregon work force from 350 to at least 1200 and building a 500,000 square foot office.

Nationally, Thanksgiving weekend retail sales were UP about 1% over 2007.

A local running shoe store had a 40 percent increase in sales over 2007 over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Additionally, one of my clients told me yesterday she continues at 20% growth over last year, when her competitors are reporting drops in revenues lately of 30% or more.

I thought that was quite a good bit of good news for your average Tuesday at the end of a year of recession. I guess it’s a bit like the glass half full saying. During the Great Depression, 25% of people were out of work. While that’s a lot of unemployed folks, the way I see it, this means that three quarters (75%) were working!

Yes, there’s plenty of bad news right now. So what do you want to focus on? I stay informed of national and world affairs, and it doesn’t take much to do that. To keep your positive energy up, you might want to do what one of my wise clients did last week – a news fast.

As for me, I choose to stay positive. In the fourth quarter this year, I brought on six new wonderful clients with really cool businesses, prepared to launch two new low cost/high value coaching programs, brought on an exceptional assistant, got my office 100% cleaned up and organized, and renewed my business plan for 2009. I know the only thing I “can’t afford” is to be negative.

So get out there and make your own news! And let me know if I can help.

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