You prospective customers and clients are unconsciously looking for any reason to say “no” to what you’re offering. Even though they may deeply need or want what you’ve got.

Yesterday I was about to make a purchase when my browser suggested there was somewhat of a problem with the security of the shopping cart. Now, I’m a veteran online shopper and never had a problem . . . until last month. I ignored a warning message and someone got my credit card number and immediately (and I mean immediately) charged a plane ticket on it.

Of course the credit card company issued me a new card, but what a hassle. So now I’m a bit gun shy. And when this site had a bit of a problem, I hesitated and decided to order over the phone. I called and got voicemail, so I left a message.

Then last night I realized that I could actually make do without buying that piece of equipment. I lost my willingness to shell out the bucks. So when they called me back almost 24 hours later, I wasn’t buying anymore.

Little things tripped up this sale for the company. A problem with their shopping cart. Then making me leave a voicemail on their toll free sales line. Then not returning my call for 24 hours.

In my small business coaching and consulting services, I help my clients take a magnifying glass to their sales process from start to finish. It’s not only, how do you GET a prospect, but also where can you LOSE a prospective customer? Where DO you lose them?

Never stop asking these questions – fix everything you can!

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