Baby Steps Or Big Leaps

As a coach, I find that most of the time people make major progress by taking many “baby steps” toward their goals. It never ceases to amaze me how little steps add up to major positive change in my life and my clients’ lives.

However, sometimes a major leap is called for. My client Janis Haley, formerly of Macon GA, agreed to let me share her story of how a major leap catapulted her life to a new level. After many years as a successful businesswoman, Janis wanted to make a change and contribute to the world in a bigger way, as well as travel.

So she leapt from her career as a financial advisor to become a Peace Corps volunteer! As I write this, Janis is in the city of Melitopol, Ukraine, population 165,000, working at a Women’s Business Center. She trains women in the skills they need to get jobs and is putting together a day camp for young girls to learn about computers and practice speaking English (while she learns Russian).

I am so impressed with Janis’ courage and am proud of her for helping create international understanding and a better life for the Ukrainians in Melitopol. This amazing experience will continue to move her life forward in wonderful and perhaps unexpected directions long after she has completed her service with the Peace Corps.

Are you gearing up for a big leap? It may not be as dramatic as a move to the Ukraine, but despite the naysaying voices that may flutter around in your brain, when that wise inner voice comes through clearly, urging you to take a risk you may not have considered before, then go for it. And never look back.

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