Be Boldly You And Attract More Clients

One of my coaching teachers once told our class to go out and “be boldly you.” He suggested we would attract more customers – and more importantly the right customers – if we did. For some of us who think of ourselves as rather on the “different” end of the continuum that can be a slightly scary prospect. But I took his advice and have found it to be very true. While it’s a small world in some respects due to global communications and transportation, it’s also a very large world in terms of the kinds of people and their many interests. I firmly believe that there’s plenty of business for you in your unique approach to whatever you do.

One way I am being more boldly me is through the material on my recently revamped website. By focusing on people with similar interests in socially responsible business, I have wonderful clients whose values and interests blend well with mine. We develop coaching relationships with depth, meaning and power.

So, how can you be more boldly you?

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