The Blessings And Business Of Moving

I moved my home (which also includes my business) on August 28. What a lot of work! It was a very positive move, however, as we bought a wonderful home that we had been working on manifesting for some time. In the moving process, I did have that thought: “What was I thinking??” The next thoughts were “I have too much stuff!” – immediately followed by “I’ll never move again.” Since Americans move an average of every seven years, odds are you remember having similar thoughts, as well.

But what are the blessings of moving? For me, they included a chance to do a mini “life review” as I found letters, photos, and objects that reminded of me of past experiences. Some brought fond memories, others reminded me of lessons learned. Some were things that had been missing for awhile!

We may move our homes every seven years, but our personal and professional lives are constantly moving (or changing). We need periodic reviews of where we’ve been and where we are headed. Regular review of written goals – nothing fancy required – yields tremendous benefits.

Just up the street from our new home is an historic cemetery, with the graves of both Union & Confederate soldiers, along with many citizens from the 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s a great place to walk my dog and every time I do it reminds me of the change that is inevitable in life and how our lives indeed have an expiration date. These cemetery strolls help me not take time for granted as I create and live the life I want.

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