How to Create Happier Employees & Co-workers

At my recent workshop on coaching employees for high performance, one of the things we looked at was the top things that employees want. According to numerous studies done in the last 50 years, the top three things employees say they want are:

1. Full appreciation for work done

2. Feeling “in” on things.

3. Sympathetic help on personal problems.

It seems simple, but so often we don’t do these things. A little goes a long way.

Here are some of the ideas that the group came up with: spending one-on-one time, having a 10 minute “check in,” taking them out to lunch, saying “Thank You!”, performing small acts of appreciation for birthday or personal needs, going the extra mile, having a small items reward program, posting successes on an info. board, having more frequent company-wide meetings, catching people doing things right, removing all barriers to effective communication, HAVING FUN!, having “employees of the year.” What a great list!

What can YOU come up with?

Perfect example: After the workshop, Travis Childs, banker extraordinaire with First Citizens in Fletcher, gave me tickets to a wonderful local event, to thank me for doing a great job. I was so moved by his thoughtfulness. I felt APPRECIATED.

I challenge you to appreciate someone in your workplace or family. Let them in on things. Help them out with a personal problem. Who in your circle hasn’t received those kinds of things from you in awhile? Do it today, and let me know how it went!

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