Thomas Leonard, the “Father of Coaching,” said “Creativity provides the most important competitive advantage today.” He felt that creativity would be the most important skill and trait over the next 20-30 years and that we are moving from an information economy to a creativity economy.

I believe each of us is highly creative in our own way. Creativity is not synonymous with artistic. An insurance salesperson or a car mechanic can be highly creative in his or her own way. Here’s a small example of my creativity. When neighborhood dogs were chasing my cats, I built a “cat tower” for them. It’s a platform about two foot square and 4 feet high with a little gang plank, complete with cleats made from clothespin halves for their paws to grip on as they walk up or down. I love watching them sit up there, watching the world, feeling safe.

If you’d like, please send me a paragraph about how you have used your creativity to solve a particular challenge or share what creativity means to you? I will share the juiciest thoughts next month (and credit you!).

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