Does Your Team Stink?

Unless you live alone in the woods, you are part of one or more teams, at home, work and play. I am a highly self-motivated person who started and has been running her own business for over 4 years. As a coach and consultant, I work well alone, even though my work has me on the phone a lot and from time to time on-site with my clients.

Yet, I moved half way across the country a few months ago in order to be in closer contact with a virtual team I have been part of: the Trebuchet Group.

Despite the challenges of creating a high-functioning team, most of us want to be part of one. It is important to become skilled in working virtually, because, for many of us, our colleagues and clients are spread across the globe. At the same time we must master the skills of working together in person.

Are you now or have you ever been part of a fantastic team? If you have, then you know what a tremendous experience this is. When you’re part of a high functioning team, you contribute your skills and talents and they are appreciated. You share the responsibility of executing your mission with other fully aligned team members. You experience the thrill of creative collaboration, where together you come up with better solutions than you ever could have on your own. And your leader takes your input into consideration – you have influence on the direction of the business.

If you haven’t ever experienced this, then you may well doubt that it could really be so great. Your team may exhaust you, weaken you, sap your motivation or otherwise stink. But please don’t settle for this! Learn the team building and leadership skills you need, or help those who need them. If your situation is dysfunctional beyond repair, get out.

Remember, however, that many teams that appear unsalvageable actually can be turned around with qualified help. As long as the leader takes some responsibility for the situation and is willing to change and grow, anything is possible. Many times those leaders simply don’t know what to do and also think change is impossible.

So take heart and find or create the team where you are valued and where you make a difference. You’ll be happier – and your positive impact on the world will make a difference.

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