Forget Those New Year’s Resolutions

There’s a sense of excitement as we launch into a new year and many of us make our perennial new year’s resolutions. As a coach, I suppose I should be really into them, but, to be honest, I enjoy taking a different approach at times. How about you?

I’m doing something a bit different this year. I’ve come up with just one theme. It’s simple, easy to remember and will hugely contribute to my other aspirations for the year. My 2005 theme is the “Year of the Pear.” Here’s the painting that inspired this name:

painting of pear

My small business coaching client, Rose Sierra, a wonderful artist and creativity teacher/coach, sent me this image of the painting (and gave me permission to share it with you, along with her name). I love this painting. I can practically taste the sweet pear juice dribbling down my chin, feeling alive with the fresh taste, the simple pleasure of eating a yummy pear.

For me it’s the Year of the Pear because my theme is “Joy.” This intention includes activities that bring me pleasure, fun, and relaxation. As a Type-A entrepreneur, my challenge is not motivation or procrastination, it’s balance, slowing down, and enjoying life. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the more time I take off and the more non-business joy, pleasure and relaxation I have, the better my business will do as well! Hard to believe? At times, it is for me. But in my heart, and in my experience, I know it’s true. Because when I get back to work, my energy and creativity are twice what they were before.

So what’s your theme for this year? I encourage you to pick one. If it’s hard to choose, just remember there will be, God willing, many more years for those other themes. If New Year’s resolutions haven’t worked for you in the past (and they don’t for the vast majority of us), try something different.

Pick a theme and do it up big! It could be broad or very specific, for example: physical health or playing tennis weekly, financial abundance or earning X amount this year, community involvement or donating blood every two months, exploring your creativity or writing and selling that book inside you. Remember, this is your theme, not anyone else’s. Let go of others’ agendas or opinions and listen to your intuition, your gut.

When we make a public declaration of an intention, it creates much power and momentum. I invite you to share your year’s theme with me, as I have mine with you, and I’ll send them out next time to over 4,000 brilliant subscribers who get this newsletter.

Now there’s a commitment.

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