Don’t Be A Caveman

Over the holidays, I saw an interesting documentary on the life of our ancestors many millennia ago. Apparently for several million years, our ancestors lives did not progress at all. They kept using the same rudimentary tools (roughly sharpened rocks) and ate the same miserable food (termites, leaves). They literally barely survived as a species.

Why was this?

The answer gives us a powerful kick in the butt: our own species almost went extinct because our ancestors were not using their creativity. They were struggling to survive.

The turning point was figuring out how to use fire. We suspect that along with the cool things fire could do (cook, create metals, keep them warm, etc.) it provided them something compelling to stare at on long, cold nights. We all know how our imaginations get sparked by watching a fire.

If you’re ready to make this year a great year, then you can be sure you will need to harness your creativity, just like our cave people ancestors did.

Remember, creativity goes way beyond artistic creativity, which is wonderful, but not at all the sole province of the creative. Every product or service ever invented came into being through the creative process.

Think of one of your most creative ideas from last year. What was it? How did you implement it or harness it?

Instead of thriving in a creative atmosphere, are you struggling to survive? Do you believe you are not optimizing your potential? Then think about how you can better use your creativity. No matter if you run your own business, are working in your chosen profession, or are unemployed, creativity can give you the golden key to reaching your goals this year.

There are many ways to jumpstart your creativity. Here’s a simple one that’s proven highly effective for me and many of my clients:

1. Write down the challenge that you want to solve or overcome.

2. Take 15 – 30 minutes to write down at least 20 ideas on what you could do. The first ones will be obvious and easy; then it gets more challenging.

3. Let this list sit for a day, then go back and pick one of the ideas and do one small step to put it into action. Write down the idea and the action step you will take.

To help make sure you actually do this, consider emailing me with your answers to these three steps. I won’t pass judgment on it or offer to coach you. Simply, when you send it to me, you’ll be sending a big message to yourself.

Make it a fertile, ingenious, innovative, inspired, inventive, and visionary year!

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