Just Do Something Different

What have you done lately that you’ve never done before? Let’s expand the “Just do it!” mantra to “Just do something different!” It’s a great way to grow your thinking and your life.

My “never before” was to attend recently a presentation given to Mary Kay Cosmetics consultants by a national sales leader. I went in support of a client and my step-daughter, who are Mary Kay consultants.

I sat in the midst of several hundred women and a few men, expecting nothing more than the pleasure of supporting people I care about. The speaker’s story relayed the repeated times she resisted getting into the Mary Kay business, which was something quite different for her. After about a year, she did join and 21 years later she earns over $50,000/month. More importantly, she is a mentor and model for thousands of women in success, empowerment and generosity, all by selling, in her words, lipsticks!

Don’t second guess the source of your next inspiration or brilliant idea. If it seems outrageous, strange, weird or daring, why not try it? Very few things are fatal!

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