The Secret Of Breaking A Losing Streak

It happens to all of us at some point, where life feels hard and we’re even in a “losing streak.”  Deadlines loom, papers pile up, and the same old arguments keep recycling with the same people. We may be locking horns with the boss, employees or vendors. At home the chores seem endless. We probably work harder and harder to change things, and yet…. Aghhh!

Been there? There now? Let me share, through a story, a simple but profound secret that is guaranteed to shift you out of a losing streak into victory.

Late last month something amazing happened to a group that had experienced a losing streak of unbelievable proportions. I’m speaking, of course, of the Boston Red Sox. Whether or not you give a hoot about baseball, or like or hate the Red Sox, you’ll agree that their losing streak of 86 years since their last World Series championship was a huge challenge. Many people thought they would never break it.

And yet late last month they beat the St. Louis Cardinals, becoming this year’s World Series Champions and breaking their decades long streak. So, how did they do it? I’m no sports analyst, but let me share with you what pitcher Derek Lowe said (take a deep breath, oxygenate those brain cells, because you might not believe it):

“We had fun. We tried to be kids, as much as we possibly could, and it worked.”

Fun? Act like kids? Come on, I hear some of you say, fun and games are fine, but life is Serious, with a capital “S” and I’m many years past being a kid.

Yet, Manny Ramirez, who was named most valuable player of the Series, said, “We don’t think out there. We go and play the game the way it is, and that’s what it’s all about. When you play so relaxed, a lot of things can happen for you.”

There’s a huge, positive pay off to being relaxed and having fun. You can break that losing streak, or even a smaller slump. So anytime life is feeling hard or a bit too serious, think about the Red Sox in the 2004 World Series. They had fun. They relaxed. They acted like kids. And….they won!

Whatever fun is for you, whatever it is that is relaxing, I challenge you to take a day in the next week and do just that. Or at least an afternoon. Do it as if your success depended on it. Because it just might.

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