Slugfest 2005

Last week I had an amazing time at the beach. It was dubbed “Slugfest 2005,” because the sole agenda was to lie around and relax like a slug. And I did!

My “activities” consisted of sleeping nine hours every night, lying on the couch, reading, afternoon naps, a little TV, and many walks on the beautiful, nearly empty beaches with my dog, Emma. I did take a day trip to Cape Hatteras (I climbed the lighthouse) and Okracoke Island, but mainly I was a slug.

I really shocked myself, in a positive way. It seems that every vacation I take I’m either exploring new or favorite places or visiting family and friends. I have a great time, but I arrive home saying, “Wow, I need a vacation!” The last time I had a slugfest vacation was two years ago, at the same friend’s beach house at the same beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. All the vacations between then and now were the more active variety.

Being “off-season,” many activities weren’t available (swimming, wind surfing, mini golf, various tours, hang gliding, golf, etc.) So in a way, I had to be a slug. Although I had my cell phone, I had no email access (!!) and didn’t check my office voicemail once. I had left my number and knew that people could reach me if they really needed to.

Last week, I clearly realized the importance of having some of my vacations be “slugfests.” In that “do-nothing” atmosphere, I got many insights about my life, received a host of inspirations about my business, and felt rejuvenated on a deep level. I also had a number of great conversations, the kind that often get lost in the cycle of daily routines. And even though I had been to this place before, the simple change of venue had a positive and profound impact.

If you’re like me, you have some important family and friends who live far away. I love to visit mine, just like I love traveling and seeing new sights and exploring other cultures. It’s not always easy to prioritize being a slug, but I encourage you to take the plunge and do it at least once a year. Your slugfest will probably look different from mine; that’s fine. As long as you stay clear of the “do, do, do” pattern, which can easily take over a supposedly relaxing vacation.

I am making an oath to you that I will take a slugfest vacation at least once a year.  My vacation goal is a week off every quarter, so that leaves lots of time for the other kinds of vacation. But the depth relaxation, the insights, the renewal of a slugfest are essential.

I’d love to hear from you about the “where and when” of your Slugfest 2005. Send me an email

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