Take Back Your Time Day

The second annual Take Back Your Time Day (TBYTD) will be held Sunday, October 24. This is a national initiative aimed at helping Americans and American businesses to successfully address overwork, over-scheduling and overstress.

Their legislative plan includes making Election Day a national holiday, enacting paid Family & Medical Leave as part of the Family & Medical Leave Act, enacting three weeks minimum annual paid leave for all workers and enacting a cap on mandatory overtime. Whether or not you agree with all these proposals, you probably agree you could stand to work less and live more.

I remember the last job I had a number of years ago. The starting vacation was one week after one year. I was shocked. The vacation policy seemed completely outdated, however I took the job for other compelling reasons. But that first year seemed unending, and who knows, if I had felt more valued as an employee I might have stayed even longer than I did.

Maybe you already planned to take this coming Sunday “off.” I encourage you to do so, and leave work behind. Doing “nothing” is one of the most productive things you can do for yourself. While the idea of “recharging your batteries” may be a cliché, it’s nonetheless contains much wisdom.

Did you know that MRI images of fatigued brains look exactly like ones that are sound asleep? Get some rest and have some fun this Sunday. Try it…you’ll like it!

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