The Three Big Questions

Awhile back a friend suggested a book called The Power of Focus by Canfield, Hansen & Hewitt (the Chicken Soup for the Soul guys). I finally got around to reading it while at the beach last month. It was chock full of powerful ways to create the life you want. I want to share one of their techniques with you. It is from Warren Buffet (the ultra-successful investor) who asks himself three questions about key people he is considering having in his life:

1. Do I like them?

2. Do I trust them?

3. Do I respect them?

For Warren, if any one of the answers is “no,” then the deal is off. These are ordinary questions. They are also brilliant, don’t you agree?

When you are going to start an important professional or personal relationship with someone, notice the details that show their integrity and experience. You can also look at your existing relationships. Pay attention to your gut feelings. The outcomes in our lives are greatly affected by the people who are around us on a daily basis. You can’t afford to have toxic people in your environment. Surround yourself with wise and successful people and it will rub off of you (and your good stuff on them!).

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