What Gold Medal Are You After?

The Summer Olympics start in a few days. I love to see people who’ve trained so hard, who are pursuing their dream with intense dedication, effort and vision. It always inspires me to reach higher in some area of my life.

What “gold medal” are you after in your life? It doesn’t have to be a gold medal in anyone else’s mind. What matters is how you see it, how you perceive it, how you feel about it. When you imagine tasting the thrill of victory, what victory are you picturing?

It might be a physical accomplishment, like starting to bicycle again and riding 10 miles. Or maybe it’s a mental gold medal you’re after, such as reading one book a month in your profession for a year. If it’s an emotional gold medal, it could sound like you saying “I love you” to the people in your life on a daily basis. Perhaps you’re after a spiritual “gold medal” where you complete 6 months of daily prayer or meditation practice.

Whether you reach your goal and get your “gold medal” or not, you are guaranteed to have become a bigger, better human being in the effort. In the Olympics, even the ones who come in LAST are winners, in the sense that they have without a doubt become more than they ever dreamed possible. Winning a silver medal, a bronze medal or even simply being on the team are all achievements to be proud of. So get “on the team” and go for your gold.

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