Your “Science Experiment”

Remember when you were a kid how you did experiments? Maybe they were literal science experiments. I remember playing around with my brother’s science kit, making things foam and sizzle (although I was disappointed that I never got them to blow up). Maybe you experimented with how you dressed your Barbie doll, or with different jump rope swings. Maybe you experimented with writing poetry, or with your soccer plays. I bet in some way, as a kid, you did a lot of experiments. They were fun and they got results – not always “good” results, but you definitely gathered information on what worked well, what not so well, what was fun, or what got you in trouble.

As adults, we can benefit greatly from recapturing a spirit of experimentation. This tactic works well for many of my clients. Seeing your next action step as “just” an experiment, instead of a permanent life change really takes the pressure off. Rather than taking on something that may feel too big or too daunting, you can make a bargain to “experiment” with a certain new action or belief for a specified period of time.

The experiment might last one week, for two weeks, a month or even three months. But after whatever period you decide on, you reassess it. Did your experiment meet your expectations? Or do you need to adjust it in some way? Maybe you decide to throw out the whole idea. Or maybe you get inspired to try a whole different experiment that might work a lot better than the first one.

For example, one or my clients decided to experiment with getting up every morning at 6:00, instead of his usual 6:30, in order to get in some quality spiritual time. He decided to try it for two weeks and then reevaluate. Another client who was having a hard time getting focused on making sales calls, decided to experiment for a month with making at least 10 sales calls a week for her business.

Please let me know what your one month experiment will be.

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