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Recommended books

The granddaddy reference for small business people – how to shift from being purely a  “technician” to manager and entrepreneur and how to get out of the trap of letting your business run you. Told in highly readable story format.

the emyth revisited book

Most business owners don’t have a business plan – they know they “should.” With this book you can actually produce one in a short period of time that will truly help you run and grow your business, rather than have it run you!

one page business plan

This is one of THE BEST “time management books.” It explains in compelling fashion how it’s ENERGY we must manage, not time. I based one of my popular “time management” workshops on the ideas in this book.

the power of full engagement book


The other “must read” book on how to be productive. Not an instant fix – but nothing truly valuable is. Allen truly deserves his guru reputation!

 getting things done book


I almost never meet people who enjoy conflict and difficult conversations. So I always recommend these two superb resources on how to talk when the subject is important, emotions run high and the parties disagree (Crucial Conversations) and how to talk when agreements have been broken (Crucial Confrontations).

crucial conversations book


A wonderful book for those interested in locally based, socially responsible, employee owned business. The story of South Mountain contracting company on Martha’s Vineyard.

companies we keep book

Also highly recommended:

made to stick book

small giants book

Ordinary Brilliance articles

“But” No More

“Fast Company”

20 Idea Method to Tackle Any Problem

A Story of Effective Communication

Are You Using The Santa Claus Principle?

Authenticity: Your Advantage Over The Big Guys

Baby Steps or Big Leaps

Be Boldly You and Attract More Clients

Biz Love Valentine

Can I Get That Massage Now?

Chasing Rainbows


Customer Service: Dead or Alive?

Do You Need Some Kansas Time?

Does Your Team Stink?

Don’t Be A Caveman

Employees Are Not Your Friends

Follow One Course Until Successful

Forget Those New Year’s Resolutions

How to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

How to Be the Hero of Your Own Life

How to Beat the Odds

How to Create Happier Employees & Co-workers

How to Create Your Designer Team

How to Increase Your Productivity 25% Or More

How to Lose A Customer

How to Plow the Field of Your Life

How to Prosper During Dog Days

I Have A Trust Fund

It’s Never Too Late to Go For it

Jacobellis’ Victory

Just Do Something Different

Lone Ranger or Collaborator?


Shift Happens

Slugfest 2005

Take Back Your Time Day

The Adventures of an Unrealistic Optimist

The Blessings and Business of Moving

The Couchmobile: Your Ticket to Success

The Dilbert Disadvantage

The Master Key to Life

The Number One Time Management Tool

The One Thing That Stops You

The Power of Surrender

The Secret of Breaking A Losing Streak

The Secret to Renewal

The Three Big Questions

Think Small

Two Key Aspects of Focus

What Gold Medal Are You After?

What’s Your GNH?

When Was Your Last Vacation?

Your “Science Experiment”

Your Big Race: What Happens When You Fall?

Your Most Important Activity When Life Is Going Crazy

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