Business and marketing: Remember these basics!

We often hear about getting back to fundamentals in business & marketing, whatever business we may be in. There is a lot of truth to that and I want to share a couple powerful basics that are all too often forgotten:

business and marketing1. Use a “be back soon” coupon or program to incentivize return visits and purchases. This is not just for coffee shops and restaurants! Get creative and think about how it can work in your business.

2. One of the most fundamental and perpetually effective marketing techniques is the handwritten thank you note. Make sure it says something that is specific to that particular person and mail it (yes, snail mail!). The only mail I get any more that’s not “direct mail” from advertisers is from my mother and father. When I get a genuine, handwritten card from anyone, I am impressed and appreciative! For me, a card received through Send Out Cards is not nearly as good. First, it looks fake, although it tries to look like real handwriting, it doesn’t. They all look the same. Second, it means a lot to me when someone takes an actual pen in their hands, selects a card, handwrites on it, addresses it, tamps it and mails it. Why Because it took effort!  And hopefully, their words are meaningful, as well.

3. Extra bonus with purchase. You can give an gift with a customer or client’s purchase. Again, the unexpected has a powerfully positive impact. You can give it immediately at time of purchase or send it right after. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will make an impact.

Business and marketing: bonus item

4. One of the simplest techniques in business & marketing is the simple yet stunningly impactful courtesy call. This is the call you or a staff person makes after a client or customer receives your service (dentist, carpet cleaning, taxes, almost any business!) to see how they are doing, any questions or concerns. This call is zero about selling and ALL about wow-ing them, because who does that??

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