lost my data

I almost lost my data!

Have you ever lost your data or needed to restore a website?

We all hate to lose some of our digital information, so we wisely use backup systems.

I take it one step further. For a minimal investment of time and money, a little extra insurance can come in handy. This insurance is having more than one backup system.

I was sure glad I had it last week. Here’s why.

I’ve been using Sucuri for backing up my websites. In my experience, they do a great job with that, as well as with website monitoring and repairing things if you ever get hacked.

I recently had some more SEO fine tuning done on my website by a great tech guy (contact me if you are looking for someone). As a bonus, he installed a premium backup plugin on my website. It’s a well-known brand that I had heard good things about over the years. I decided to leave my Sucuri backups in place, since they are only $5/month per website.

Then, I developed a problem with another plugin and I had to restore my website. Guess what? For unknown reasons, the premium plugin did not play nice with my website and would not work. Aghhh!

Fortunately, I had my Sucuri back up, and it worked. My website was restored to the version I needed.

So yeah for duplicate backups!

For my computer files, I use Carbonite. AND I also frequently back up my entire computer system to a hard drive in my office using Acronis True Image.  Again, redundancy of backups.

My all important to-do list of all my projects is in Workflowy and backs up daily to my Dropbox account. I also download it from Workflowy from time to time, as an extra precaution, in case Drop box has a problem.

In your business, do you have backups for your backups?

Where do you need to install an extra layer of redundancy to protect your business?

Let me put it another way. What would happen if your back up or your computer, your website, or other critical data for your business failed?

How far back would that set you?

Or could you even recover from it?

You don’t want to depend totally on the cloud or on your bricks and mortar business based backups. Have both. And make sure they are backing up properly. Verify the backups.

I’m glad I did.

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