Trying to get more organized? In my small business coaching, it seems that almost all of my clients are working on that! And one of my clients recently introduced me to a cool online service called As promised, it’s a “free and easy email reminder” system. All you have to do is on your next email just include and the system will follow up after the time interval you specify.

I use gmail’s calendar to email me reminders for ongoing scheduled tasks, everything from daily reminders like “clean office for 30 minutes” to one time events weeks or months in the future like “contact Felicia about social media project.”

But what’s cool about is that you can send an email to someone else so they automatically get an email reminder, too, perhaps about a project you are working on together or a proposal you are expecting. In sales there are obviously many applications, since so much of sales is professional and relentless follow up. You can also use the “bcc” field to send the reminder just to yourself. The system has a lot of flexibility.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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