[Updated July 14, 2021] The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that using a checklist to help doctors and nurses avoid errors reduced deaths from surgery by more than 40%. (This was from a study done at eight hospitals.)

40%? Yes!

Not some breakthrough drug. Not a brilliant new surgical technique. Not a multi-million dollar piece of equipment, but a simple 19 point checklist of basic safety measures that takes two minutes to use!

I’m sure you use checklists sometimes or at least have at some time in the past. But I want you to consider how you can harness this simple yet incredible tool.

Check lists can be used in any area of business including operations, accounting, quality control, purchasing, sales and marketing.

If you don’t already have one, how about a prospect follow-up checklist? You could be looking at an increase of 20 – 40% just by following up more consistently and at least 7 – 9 times which is the average number of “touches” needed before someone buys your product or service.

One of my clients started creating checklists for producing each of his apparel items that his company makes. He designed it to help his employees reduce their errors and improve quality consistency.

One day he had to step in to help, and he used his own checklist. He realized it was a bit confusing and is working to improve it.

I use checklists in my business and personal life. I have one for creating this newsletter. I have a new client checklist for when a business owner first hires me. Although I’m a creative entrepreneur type, just like the hospitals, I have found that checklists save a ton of time and reduce errors.

I talked just this past week with a client about a checklist for one part of his business and he saw the wisdom and was going to implement one. See if there is one single area of your business that could benefit from a new or improved checklist and create one. Try it for a month or so and let me know how it works for you! And if you need help to put checklists to work today, contact me today for a down-to-earth coaching call, no charge.

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