Navigating A Time of Transition

We know that we are in a time of great transition on our planet today.

Crisis - danger and opportunity

Whether you think we are in a hospice phase for the human species, or in a transition to a non-fossil fueled society that has finally learned to live as a balanced part of the environment that sustains us, we know the times are potent with both peril and possibility.

So, there are a lot of challenges living in these times. There are also opportunities for both social change and personal transformation.

I offer coaching support to anyone who is sincerely traveling the journey of awakening to the reality of collapse/transition and needs some support. I am very grounded in practical reality, I am also compassionate, an excellent listener, can hear whatever is up for you and provide my presence, along with guidance, if desired. This could be for a single hour, a series of calls (plus email support) or longer. I am flexible and never lock a client into anything.

  • How to make the best choices for you
  • How to best use monetary and other resources to shape the communities we are looking to build now
  • How to use inherited resources to the greatest benefit of all
  • How to most efficiently shift from individualism back into care for the whole earth community
  • Dealing with lack of support from family and friends for your choices
  • Action, inaction and points in between
  • Discovering the best tools to deal with collapse/transition

Please contact me at 828.348.0474 or anne [ at] authentic-alternatives [dot] com to discuss whether and how I might be able to help you.


business coach, Anne Alexander

Anne Alexander

Anne Alexander is a professional coach and consultant serving individuals, executives and small business owners since 2002. 

Anne has been an environmentalist since she was a child and is an avid student of the global societal, economic and environmental changes we are in the midst of. She helps individuals, executives and small business owners with the tools and strategies to navigate the profound changes we are experiencing.





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