In the Serious Business of Life, we sometimes lose track of our sense of humor. And yet laughter and humor are “serious” tools for success in both business and the rest of your life. Although various scientific research has proven this is true, we also know it intuitively: humor heals. Without laughter, fun and joy, life becomes grim and we rapidly lose our way.

This truth was brought home to me recently when a friend who lives in Minneapolis told me about the ArtCar parade she attended in late July. This parade has been an annual event for 11 years, featuring the whackiest motorized vehicles you have ever seen. One of the best was the Couchmobile. My friend described the scene: cruising down a main drag in the city, a young man sat serenely in a traditional couch that swung around in gentle circles as it glided down the street. I was already laughing and then I viewed a 35 second video clip of it and it got even funnier.

I am grateful that creative, fun-loving people are out there doing things just for the joy of it. They make us laugh and get the all-important perspective that life is not meant to be serious all the time and that we’ll actually achieve more of what we want by having more fun.

Yes, life does have its serious moments. Many of them, in fact. Our businesses are demanding, our careers often insecure, and we have issues with various people in our lives. We may even have health challenges or have parents or friends who do. It is easy to become overwhelmed by these facts and lose sight of the balance we need for optimum wholeness.

Whatever it is that you find funny or genuinely amusing, make sure to seek it out and indulge in it on a regular basis. With all the heavy, intense and bad news, whether in “the world” or our own lives, humor is not optional. It is essential.

So what makes you laugh? I encourage you to make a quick note right now on your calendar, daily planner or PDA of one of the things you find the funniest and most uplifting. Make it a recurring appointment: call that hilarious friend, watch that movie that puts you in stitches, read a funny book, sign up for clown classes, visit that website or blog that always makes you laugh out loud. Or hang out with small children – they laugh a lot and it’s contagious!

And don’t forget to check out the Couchmobile. Hmmmm….maybe I should make a COACHmobile? I could cruise down the street in my motorized office chair, wearing my wireless headset, holding a clipboard on my lap and coaching my clients. Now that sounds like fun!

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